Submit Property information for a review

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We are not a governmental entity, not a municipal office, we are just a private party, so please do not be mislead by any statements on this site.

What’s next?

  • The house you are submitting a data for has to be in Cook County of Illinois. Not an apartment, not a townhouse.
  • We will research the property and, if we find it has a potential for an appeal, we will send you comparables
  • You can use to file the appeal on Cook County Assessor’s office web site when your township is open.
  • Go to find your property by PIN or address and click on “Appeals” tab at the top of the screen. Correctly file, submit the form and that’s pretty much it – wait for a response.
  • You should receive a confirmation letter in mail from Assessor (not from us) that they have this appeal.
  • Second letter, approx a month later, should state the results. These results are verifiable on their site as well.

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