Why we help with taxes

The taxes in Cook County are skyrocketing every year. After I purchased my house at the peak of the prices, the taxes doubled for the last 5 years!

I turned to T____, Inc. and those guys ripped me off – took the money and never did anything. This scam tax reduction company is located in New Lenox, IL, (I skipped full name not to draw their anger).  Now that I became more aware of what taxes are and how to be able to turn them down a bit, and more importantly how to check on the status of appeal, I asked proof from this scam company. Twice. In writing and once over the phone. They were unable to show any proof, told me it was “too long ago”, so I decided to see if I can help fellow home owners to pay the fair share, not just whatever Cook County noble politicians decide to charge more “by mistake”.

I did a research on my own taxes and filed an appeal myself, it was pretty easy. Received approx. 480 dollar reduction on annual taxes. I am not trying to deprive County from dollars needed for schools and firefighters. I am not questioning where this money goes and why Cook County board members are receiving enormous salaries plus kickbacks on their seats. I am trying to help spread this toll more evenly between taxpayers.

I know every one can file an appeal by just going to assessor’s site and punching in a few numbers. I am here to help you find those numbers. Free. If you win an appeal, leave me a good review. If you’re happy with the outcome, drop me a donation, I’ll be happy for you too. 🙂

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  1. Great website. Quick question. It’s my understanding that all things equal Cook County doesn’t take into account whether you or your neighbor has a finished, useable basement. In other words if both my neighbor and I have 2000 sq ft in our homes, with 500 sq ft of basement each, and I have an unfinished basement, and he has a finished, they are both taxed in the same fashion. Am I correct in that assumption?


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